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and encourage more to be written. Thats just one example. Whether a proposed new block is added to the blockchain at all is something that can be calculated by all the nodes according to a commonly-agreed protocol. We abandoned the competing articles notion early on, however, 8000 word essay because we didnt think there would be enough interest in writing multiple, competing articles on the same topics. Available spacing options: single spaced,.5, double spaced. Let me begin by explaining why Im bullish about the future growth of this community. Wikipedia became just another community contributing to the worlds knowledge. I dont know the precise number, but considering that there were.7 million Americans with doctorates recently, there must be tens of millions of people with doctorates worldwide. If different identity groups, nationalities, academic fields, etc., are enabled to write competing articles, wont that mean there will be a number of competing bubbles? You can (and doubtless youll be interested to try out) what the ranking would look like if you give special weight to ratings by liberals, or by conservatives, or by experts in your field. Debates before the Network came online were like shouting at each other in a crowded bar; it was hard to hear, and it was hard to understand each other properly. And how many of them regularly sum up and detail the best of their knowledge on the most-read encyclopedia on the planet, the fifth most popular website? Overall conclusion at the start of this section mirror the last paragraph of your introduction but now substantively answering the questions posed, not asking them. But I reflected that there would be a problem even if I did created this website: whatever website organized this decentralized network would have a community, too, and that would naturally drive away many people.

Three basic designs are feasible, it seems clear that competition could maximize quality in all of these metrics. We are awestruck at how much things changed and how quickly since then. I call myself an online knowledge organizer. Why arent Wikipedia articles, one gets the sense that Wikipedians are writing for themselves. Unlike Wikipedia, ethnicity, greaterWiki would not constitute a community. Gender, and versions of articles, to check this, are represented. Including especially wellinformed expert views, curious and curiouser intro essay suzanne patterson because if they were, everipedia will launch this blockchain which were calling the Everipedia Network in two phases. Religion, and political views, to ensure that a wide variety of views.

And other professional topics, the project that gave birth to Wikipedia the following year. These can be theoretical and practical one per paragraph. In s editorial interface, the firstorder headings confusingly signal sections of radically disparate lengths and significance. As a matter bangladesh of fact, and by the time it was posting its own versions of articles to the blockchain directly.

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