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development paragraph. The deceased couple may be spirits but they are spirits who are very much alive. The narrator realizes that what the man could not find on his journey, and what the ghost couple still seek, is the joy of a loving relationship. Bibliography: Toolan, Michael. Windows in our houses allow us to see the world on the outside, the windows in Virginia Woolf? The (re)presentation of inner (psychological) reality, including the flow of experience, through devices such as stream of consciousness. Doves and eagles are generally spiritual symbols. The narrator, apparently a woman, begins: Whatever hour you woke there was a door shutting. Retrieved 17:52, October 28, 2018, from. We will write a custom essay sample. There is no invention in the writer until he is inspired and possessed. By implication, the experience creates?creativity? Time is used as well more complexly as a structuring device through a movement backwards and forwards through time, the juxtaposing of events of different times, and so forth. They communicate with each other throughout the story. Both the deceased man and woman are searching for something (love) yet they cannot find what they are looking for at the beginning of the story.

The text provides two kinds of birds. The wind could be symbolic of spirit or the life force. Or we shall wake them, the wood pigeons Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and essay neck and the thrush Songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast. They said, after the woman died suddenly 9page, fOR only, just on the periphery of your vision. Human physical abilities are not important. The narrator describes the house where she and her partner live.

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But the loft is filled with apples and online english language paper 1 it may imply the accomplishment of desires. Was it all a dream, and the ghostly coupling continue to seek their joy. The greater the force of the wind.

Again this line suggests that there is life in the house and gardens.As the door is opened; the apples are reflected; the apples are rolled.The apple, it would be enough to suit that the biblical story that the apple is alluring and tasty, and also that in both Hebrew and classical tradition the fruit is associated with sexual love, which Adam and Eve discover, in some interpretations, after eating.