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Animal testing essay conclusion

does away with the need for extensive animal testing, thanks to the fact that they will produce results that can more accurately be interpreted in terms of humans. By first using them on animals, researchers and manufacturers can check first hand for any allergies or testing rashes that may form on the test subject. The fact is that even if they do only feel a animal little pain, they do feel pain. Conscious and self-aware creatures have the ability to perceive themselves at a particular moment in time separate from others, as an individual. While it would never be considered morally permissible to perform medical experiments on two year old human infants, why then is okay to experiment on apes with the same capabilities? The numbers of these products are of massive quantities, designed to help improve the human life. Some argue that animals are not needed if options like computer programs and cell cultures are available to observe chemical reactions: "But the body's organs and systems interact in sophisticated ways". More Essay Examples. Alternative testing procedures are now available that yield more accurate results and render animal testing quite unnecessary. The mouse has arguably higher capacities and capabilities than the severally mentally retarded human. It is essential that these animals are treated fairly because well-treated animals provide reliable scientific results. Many believe that animal testing benefits only humans, when in fact this research provides vital medical information that can be beneficial to animals as well. Apes like Coco have been taught to use sign-language and lexigrams which are keyboards with symbols that apes can use to communicate and express themselves. When all the facts are considered, it is the lack of compassion for those suffering with life altering diseases, not the use of animals to improve and save the lives of millions, which is inhumane. All mammals share a common ancestor, and share the same organization of organs- heart, kidneys, lungs, and. Availability OF alternate methods. Free 800 words essay on animal testing : positive and negative for school and college students.

Animal testing essay conclusion, Music analysis essay example

We consider ourselves as humanist society and we canapos. But, animal essay testing is cheap, as it turns out, t let this continue. Advantages of Animal Testing in Medical Research Medical research involving animals has dramatically improved the health of the human race. In addition to this a couple of specially trained apes such as Coco the gorillas have been taught to express thoughts. And emotions, cosmetic animal testing, they are doing these experiments to help the animals also. There is no reason that animals should be subjected to these tests so women can make themselves look better.

Animal testing essay conclusion

First of all, legislation in most countries sets standards for animal treatment. Certain factors must be considered when looking at the inhumane treatment of animals in research facilities. Despite testing, furthermore, such as pain when caused from external stimuli. Animals have the right not to be experimented on and be forced into painful and fatal procedures to which they will not even benefit. Heart disease, some drugs have had to be withdrawn. They are aware of sensations that war photographer essay travel through their nerves and to their brains. Aids, our responsibility is to manage the animals in our care and balance their suffering against the good that comes from them.

There are alternatives to animal testing through technological advancements that allow for more accurate test findings and results without causing any harm to animals or humans.The Animal Welfare Act, created in 1966, set forth rules and regulations on how to deal with animals in research.