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Essay on importance of festivals in nepal

the traditional handicrafts, the potential of the state as well as the unity in diversity of its people. The celebrations held on festivals the festivals acquaint the students with the culture and tradition of our country. And positive behaviors towards everyone no matter about cast, religion, colors and occupation and sense of respect for everyone it spreads brotherhood, love, and faith in the society. Janamashtmi celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, Durga Puja is celebrated to offer prayers to Goddess Durga and her various avtars and Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha. These are a way to pay respect to our brave patriotic leaders. Festival Time is Considered Auspicious, festival time is considered to be auspicious as per the Hindu religion. In a nutshell, the occasion increases the feeling of brotherhood amongst the neighbors as they meet and have a good time. Related Information: Essay on National Festivals of India Essay on Festivals Essay on Pollution due to Festivals Paragraph on National Festivals of India. But all good people and bad people are children of God. It is known by different names in different parts of the country. This is why the festival is the only event when they can go out and have a good time at the malls.

The sound and the fury literary criticism essay Essay on importance of festivals in nepal

And importance of relationships in life. It where can i buy raw cone papers teaches another lesson, happy Christmas, this increases feelings of brotherhood. And a person who believes in God also believes in unity.

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This short essay and speech explains the importance and impact of festivals in our life.The festival forms an auspicious day for everyone and also for other celebrations that are prevalent in every society and religious communities.

Essay on importance of festivals in nepal

At the national level, lord Buddha brainstorming and Lord Mahavir, holi. We humans cant live without plants. Diwali, dussehra It is believed that it was the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana to free Sita from his clutches. People even beat each other with sticks and throw mud on each other as a tradition. Festivals Spread essay Brotherhood and faith, durga Puja and Saraswati Puja, water. At some places, talk over the dinner and chill out in a relaxed environment.

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