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Bronx in New York City. Some of the psychological reasons for young people joining gangs are believed to be because they have a desire for money, to gain status and respect from other gang members and the feeling of being protected and having a connection within the gang membership. The report also gave the public an insight into the seriousness of violent weapon crimes. The Song lyrics where obtained from lyric databases such as, Metro lyrics, lyrics mode and AZ lyrics. For example, according to the Princes T Cite This Essay To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: All Answers ltd, 'why young people join street gangs' (t, February 2019) p?vref1 how will earning a degree change my life essay accessed 2 February 2019 Reference Copied to Clipboard. Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard. There has been an 89 increase in the past 5 years in the number of under-16s taken to hospital with serious stab wounds, and a 75 increase among older teenagers. When gang members try to keep a low profile, this can make it especially hard for law enforcement to identify them individually or as a group. This dissertation will examine and explore the issues of why young people join street gangs. Gang members take part in all form of criminal activity, weather it is for personal or economic gain, revenge or hate. The figures reported 54 gangs in 1961 to 94 in 1970, 172 in 1980, and 766 in 1992; Klein, 1993 as well as the increasing rate of violence linked to gang activity. In this song Nas talks about how the world has changed in terms of drugs, violence, having sex and growing up to fast especially young people. Social reasons or issues are the driving force behind gang migration. If the parents fail to attend a hearing, the court can issue a warrant to secure their attendance in court. Some gangs can be linked with a tremendous amount of violence at a certain period of time. There is also no need to consider data protection or storage, due to the fact that the research studies and reports have been published and are available to the public. Young males have a desire for street credibility in order social science research paper format to gain power, status and respect. Different literature such as books, journals, government reports, newspaper articles and research studies will be examined and reviewed in order to view the current state of gang culture and violence in the. But some experts are unconvinced the statistics really show gangs have gone. "There are vulnerable people walking around London in an heightened state of fear, and we are not having the level of success we should be he added. However, if an entire data set was used for the present research, a Research Ethics Committee would have been required to conduct an expedited review (Economic and Social Research Council). Once they have their drug franchises established in rural areas, they then reach out and get connected with gang members in the larger cities and then are able to move and set up their operations in the larger metropolitan areas (Donnermeyer, 2005). These were the first gangs that were established in the face of poverty, squalid conditions, and great prejudice. The possession and the use of violent weapons were also reflected in Brooke Kinsellas 2011 report. Walter Miller (1982) conducted a national survey estimating 700 to 3000 street gangs in existence in the largest cities in the.S. History of youth street gangs, the issue of young people joining street gangs has indeed raised concern to adults and peer groups due to the unbearable violence and behaviour reported in the media and witnessed in communities.

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Due to the hip hop culture originating from America. In the report it was also discovered that youths reasons for carrying weapons was due to the fear of being attacked by other individuals. This statement by Skepta clarifies acpos 2007 findings that firearms have been circulated through gangs for many years. Dealing with problem gangs of youths is one of the governments policy priorities. And are in keeping with the British Society of Criminologys BSC Code of Ethics 2006. The number of violent offences committed by gang members has been reduced. They often engaged in violent clashes with neighbouring gangs and used a wide range of weapons ibid. quot; they join gangs for the same reasons males. The survey also indicates that the larger cities and suburb areas remain the primary locations of youth gangs accounting for over 60 percent nationwide.

21 was due to evading law enforcement. Howell, this resulted in the development of Mexican and west coast African American gangs in los Angeles. Chicago, why young people join street gangs. Gang members find a base for their operations and seek out troubled or lost youth to join their gang. In addition to this Campbell et al 1982 believed that the gang notion belonged to America.

Although the police believe that these crimes where not linked to gangs, it just shows the frequent use of violent weapons within the community.Due to this inconsistency in literature surrounding the race and ethnic minority of gang members, it is clear that the race and ethnicity of gang members is not an important factor in researching gangs.