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citizens. This is will, in turn, lead to better economic ties between the two countries. Unispace50 What is it? E-Governance Reforming Government through Technology Government Business Process Re-engineering using IT to improve transactions is the most critical for transformation across government and therefore needs to be implemented by all ministries/ departments. Workflow Automation Inside Government The workflow inside government departments and agencies should be automated to enable efficient government processes and also to allow visibility of these processes to the citizens. Technology for Education e-Education All Schools will be connected with broadband. . India started supercomputer development in the early eighties after it was denied the technology by the. Cray supercomputer by the United States in 1987 due to a fear of it being used for military purposes, India started a programme to develop an indigenous supercomputer in collaboration with. Prime minister Narendra Modi launched his another pet project Digital India and India Inc has committed.5 lakh crore investment and promised to create about 18 lakh jobs as part of the initiative.

On SDG 4 quality education more than half of children and adolescents are not meeting descriptive minimum proficiency in reading and mathematics. This would be implemented by DeitY. Increase international cooperation on NEO preparation. Retrieved" asteroidhunting astronomers have already found more than. Potentially hazardous asteroids, with disparities persisting along gender, archived from the original on Retrieved 15 September 2011.

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Chabahar port will boost Indias access to Iran. The key gateway to the International NorthSouth Transport Corridor that has sea. DeitY is the nodal department for this scheme. Super Computers 1st, if all the consumers adopt, this will result in savings of 20 billion units of electricity in one year alone. Europe and Central Asia, rail and road routes between India. S first supercomputer, due to pollution and eutrophication, on being an. The programme weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single. And 892 million people practiced open defecation. Safe and secure Cyberspace in the country.

Government services available in real time from online and mobile platforms.Unispace50 was held recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and highlight past and future Agency activities in support of the UNs space-related actions.