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be confused as a distress signal. If you are looking to release some sky lanterns here are some usefull tips. All across China on the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar Year master craftsmen construct multi coloured lanterns of all kinds; hand-held lanterns, flying lanterns, hanging lanterns. Many people celebrate the annual Yipeng Lantern Festival. One of our set of 10 Chinese Scrapbook papers, this one is expecially for Chinese New Year featuring a very cute dragon, fish and rabbits. Remove any protective paper from the wire suspending the wick and the small protective plastic bag (if applicable) covering the wick before lighting. Others may also celebrate this festival as a tribute to chulam anee stupa pictures in the heavens. Papercuts are often used to decorate houses at Chinese New Year. Completely familiarise yourself with the lanterns before lighting and launching them. Take out the folded sky lanterns carefully from the plastic wrapping, being very careful not to tear or rip the delicate paper. Launching a lantern in strong winds, which is torn or has burn holes or is otherwise damaged or defective may cause premature landing and fire at the point of grounding. Locals believe that the launching of Khoom Loy, or floating lanterns into the sky would rid them of all their troubles. For additional improve safety, protective clothes can be worn. Launching sky lanterns in inappropriate surroundings or weather conditions or if they are damaged or defective in any way may cause fires. The lantern's light shows them to the 'right path'. This pretty Chinese lanterns scrapbook paper comes with yellow or white backgrounds, and looks lovely with either! Sky lanterns are for outdoor use only and are not toys. Before lighting the lantern, hold it by the bamboo rim and gently fill the lantern with air to expand it fully and remove the creases in the tissue paper. Flying Lanterns - Safety Instructions, a major benefit of releasing your own Flying Lanterns, rather than lighting fireworks, is that they are far safer. Must BE supervised AT ALL times! The lantern will fill with hot air from the lit wick and be ready to be released within approximately 60 seconds. The paper lanterns are constructed into shapes of butterflies, dragonflies, dragons, birds and many other animals, some townships even construct their lanterns of ice! Make sure you have water and / or fire extinguishers at hand and keep the lantern away from any flammable materials. It has been suggested that Tianguan likes all form of entertainment and so followers parade through China with hand-held lanterns during which they pray to the God for good fortune. Use our Chinese papercuts scrapbook paper to decorate your craft projects.

Here are some usefull safety tips. This will avoid causing unnecessary alarm. Before the lantern is launched, please refer to the release instructions for more information and follow the instructions carefully. It must not be reused, believe they are symbolic of your problems and worries floating away. Especially Buddhists, such festivals compose an important part of Chinese life and so the Hanging Lantern Festival quickly became and remains a huge part of Chinese Folklore. Hold the lantern by the bamboo rim until the lantern is full of hot air and is ready to float gently into the sky. And apos, once the sky lantern has been lit and released. The naked flame must be supervised at all times.

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Related peach paper lanterns uk Content, the locals believe floating candles Sky Lanterns offer poignancy and tranquility and the strings of breathtaking stars bring back all your ancestral spirits. In any case ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph please refer to a weather forecast for wind speeds in your area such as weather. Our bold red and black scrapbook paper is perfect for Chinese Year of the Rabbit. The displaying of lanterns during the Lantern Festival lasts around 10 days each year marking the end of the Chinese New Year. They should be kept away from children at all times and only used by competent adults.

To light the lantern, hold it by the top and the bamboo rim whilst another person lights the wick by holding a naked flame against it for a few seconds.Do not smoke near the lantern.